Aris FC to develop Greece’s first professional women’s football club

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Aris Thessaloniki Football Club (Aris FC) will take on the management and future professionalisation of the amateur women’s football team of Aris Thessaloniki Athletic Club (Aris AC). The transition will go into affect immediately for the upcoming 2021/22 season.

The undertaking comes at a time when women’s football is on the rise throughout the world. Several exemplary women’s football clubs are making strides each year. Aris FC will look to both follow and build off of what these clubs have achieved.

Because women’s football is a top priority for the biggest football governing bodies in the world, Aris FC wants to bring this mentality to Greece.

The ultimate goal for the club is to find consistent success in the Greek women’s first division and the corresponding domestic cup. The club will also seek to compete regularly in the UEFA Women’s Champions League and other international tournaments.

Off the pitch, the Thessaloniki-based club will focus on building international relationships to benefit women’s football. This includes working alongside experts and organisations that share similar objectives.

The main organisation that will work alongside Aris FC to power forward all areas of the transition and the long-term development of a premier women’s football program is the Athens Women’s Football Summit (AthensWFS). The all-season entity dedicates its efforts to women in sport and to driving the global growth of women’s football. It will oversee the development and implementation of a master plan for professionalization and the creation of a club that is an innovative industry leader in the international women’s game.

Part of the master plan that has already been revealed is the development of the club’s youth program. This academy transformation will play into the overall success of the club on all levels. Most importantly, the club will emphasise the growth of its athletes both on and off the pitch.

Above all, Aris FC is set on nurturing a positive athletic culture. By evolving its women’s side, the club will look to address issues of equality, inclusion, diversity, and social change.

The Greek A Division will kick off its 2021/22 season on October 3.

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