Her Football Hub Announce New Strategic Partnership


Her Football Hub (HFH) are proud to announce an official partnership with the Athens Women’s Football Summit.

The collaboration will help HFH take another step towards expanding its global coverage of women’s football.

Athens Women’s Football Summit is an organisation that gives female athletes a bigger platform to have their voices heard. The conference brings together some of the biggest names in football every year.

Last year, Brazil legend Gilberto Silva and Sky Blue FC pioneer Jim Gooley headlined the event.

Alongside them joined FFF Vice-President Brigitte Henriques, Swiss Football Federation Head of Women’s Football Tatjana Haenni, and the most successful Italian female footballer of all time, Carolina Morace. 

The mission at HFH has always been to amplify the voices of female footballers.

It has aimed to work alongside like-minded organisations at all levels of the game since its establishment last year.

This new Her Football Hub partnership will not only expand our global audience but will help shine a bigger spotlight on women’s football throughout Europe.

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AthensWFS co-founder and co-organiser Agisilaos Toumazatos said: “Women’s football is a rapidly growing global phenomenon. It uniquely offers powerful social, sporting, economic and investment opportunities.

“Healthy development can only be fostered with high-quality, consistent coverage. We are delighted to join forces with Her Football Hub.”

Toumazatos also stressed the importance of “reliable, dynamic and innovative news organisations” in growing the sport as a whole.

Fellow co-founder and co-organiser Marios Christos Sfantos, Esq. echoed this statement.

“It’s important to form relationships with remarkable professionals and organisations.

“We are excited to team up with Her Football Hub, who align directly with the vision we have at the Athens Women’s Football Summit.

“We will be working together to increase awareness and expand coverage of women’s football across all artistic, print, digital and broadcast media.”

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