Basque derby: A special match for Liga F fans

Athletic Club supporters

This Sunday, October 22, Athletic Club and Real Sociedad will measure their forces in Lezama. However, the game represents more than a single football match. For years, the Basque derby stands as an example of how to dignify women’s football in Spain.

Record-breaking support

In 2019, Real Sociedad opened the doors of the Reale Arena for this matchup. More than 29,000 fans filled the stands on that occasion — marking a record attendance for Liga F.

Athletic was among the first clubs to open their stadium for the women’s team. In the 2002/03 season, there were more than 30,000 fans, and in 2019, more than 45,000 fans were setting the European attendance record.

The red-and-white club has been betting on women’s football for a long time. Although it has not achieved excellent results in recent years, they have proven to be an exemplary club.

A mid-table clash

The Basque derby this weekend promises to be a direct duel for trying to climb positions in the standings. Real Sociedad has faced very complicated rivals at the beginning of the season — leaving them in eighth position.

On the other hand, the lionesses of Bilbao have faced smaller challenges, and the results have not been as strong as expected.

Regardless, both sides should thrill fans in the derby game. It’s certainly a match you won’t want to miss — especially with the historical significance, as this matchup has proven to be more than just football.

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