Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Over the last week, we’ve been inspired by so many in our online community. Whether it’s been individuals or entire brands, we stand alongside these allies in the fight against injustice.

Since the beginning, Her Football Hub has had one mission: to champion all levels of women’s football on an international scale. When we see communities throughout the world experience pain and suffering, we cannot sit idly by.

As we have previously stated on social media, we support the Black Lives Matter activist movement. We feel that it is our duty to use our platform as a way to combat the oppression of Black communities.

Black Lives Matter Statement
Her Football Hub’s social media statement.

What you can do

For those looking at ways to take action, we have outlined several resources here. These organizations all work towards promoting a healthy and socially just future.

Even if you are unable to make a monetary contribution, your engagement and support conveys a great deal. We see you and we stand alongside you.

Black Lives Matter: Donate Here

Founded in 2013, Black Lives Matter is a global organization centered on eradicating white supremacy and systematic racism. They list many ways you can help here on their website.

Color of Change: Sign The #JusticeForFloyd Petition Here

Known as the “largest online racial justice organization”, Color of Change’s mission is to “create a more human and less hostile world for Black people.” They are actively running several campaigns, which you can find here.

Campaign Zero: Read More

Police reform is a major part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Campaign Zero is another prominent organization whose mission is to inform and connect people with the right resources to make police reform a reality.

Sunshine Behavioral Health: Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

To say life matters is also to say that health matters. Sunshine Behavioral Health assists “people who are facing substance abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, or a combination of these conditions.” In their comprehensive Black Health Matters guide, they breakdown how mental illnesses specifically impact Black individuals and why it is important that all communities receive culturally competent care.

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