COSAFA Champions Malawi to receive zero prize money

After Malawi created history with the first-ever silverware for the African country for either men’s or women’s football there has been a bitter disappointment. Organisers of the COSAFA tournament have confirmed that there is no plans to award any of the nations involved in the 2023 addition, any additional funding or prize money.

Malawi defeated Zambia 2-1 in a hotly contested final that gripped fans not only in Africa but across the globe. Nonetheless, they will receive no prize money from the competition. The only prizes offered were to Malawi forward, Temwa Chawinga and Zimbabwe ‘keeper Cynthia Shongwe who won the golden boot and golden glove respectively. The individual monetary rewards amount to N$20,000 Namibian Dollars, the equivalent of around £1100 in Sterling.

When pushed to give clarification the organisers stated “It is a global reality that women’s football does not command the same commercial funding as the men’s game. While Cosafa is working extremely hard to change this in our region, we are not there yet.”

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The disparity is particularly highlighted when the men’s edition of the tournament winners Zambia received N$500,000 the equivalent of around £22,000. Expanding on their earlier statement the organisers stated “These costs remain the same as for our men’s events, but with lower revenue for our women’s tournament. There is simply no space in our budget framework for prize money.”

It’s a situation that may hopefully change in future editions of the tournament as investment and sponsors gravitate towards women’s sport. A sentiment COSAFA share “We hope that in the future we will have more commercial partners to assist in this regard, and as an organisation COSAFA is working extremely hard to turn this into a reality.”

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