Data analysis: Best attacking U21 talent in D1 Arkema

Megan Rapinoe vies for the ball with Haiti's Melchie Dumornay.
Megan Rapinoe vies for the ball with Haiti's Melchie Dumornay during the 2022 Concacaf Women's Championship at the Universitario stadium in Monterrey, Mexico on July 4, 2022. (Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP) (Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP via Getty Images)

Scouting top talent in French women’s football D1 Arkema is essential for any club. The competition for talented players has become increasingly intense. In this context, identifying and nurturing U21 talent is crucial for building a strong foundation for the future of any team.

Identifying top U21 talent in D1 Arkema requires a deep understanding of the league and its players. It involves analysing players’ performances, tracking their progress over time, and keeping an eye on their potential. A way of doing that is by looking at the data available

U21 talent: Melchie Dumornay – Stade de Reims (19)

We are focusing on the players that have played on the position of striker, winger or attacking midfielder. Looking at that, there are a few players who stand out.

One of the best young talents in the world is Melchie Dumornay. She has already been recognised by many talentspotters in the world. Not only has she already signed with Olympique Lyonnais for the next season, but she also sent her country Haiti to the world cup this summer with a brace of goals.

She is a very active football and love the ball on her feet and get dribbles. From those dribbles, she tries to get herself in a good shooting position and shoot from there, which we can see in her xG, shots and goals numbers. She does very impressively with 0,46 goals per 90 minutes and 0,11 assists per 90 minutes, meaning she contributes 0,57 goals per 90 minutes. With her 19 years, she already can be concluded as one of the best U21 talents in the D1 Arkema.

U21 talent: Kessya Bussy – Stade de Reims (21)

Just like her teammate Dumornay, Bussy is good – but even better. She keeps impressing and that can be seen in the numbers in comparison to her peers.

Secondly, there are six categories where Bussy scores in the 90th percentile or higher, meaning that only 10% or fewer scores higher than her compared to all attackers and attacking midfielders. She scores incredibly high on goals and shots on target%, which is very impressive. As well as her high percentile rank on assists, which means she is forced to be reckoned with. Just like Dumornay, she also does well in dribbling and in the progressive runs metrics. With 0,56 xG per 90 and 0,22 xA per 90 she contributes to 0,78 goals per 90 minutes.

U21 talent: Rosemonde Kouassi – Fleury 91 (21)

Moving to the best-attacking talent in my opinion of the U21 category. At this moment in D1 Arkema and that’s Kouassi. She is a true goalscoring talent with Fleury 91.

Just like most French attacking talents, she does exceedingly well in the possession metrics. Then, especially with dribbling and progressive runs (both 98th percentile) she does well. Eearlier, we spoke about the goalscoring numbers and that can be seen in the goals scored (96th percentile). She converts her chances well and manages to give Fleury 91 that prolific goalscorer that they need. She has 0,66 goals per 90 minutes and 0,11 assists per 90 minutes. This means that she contributes to 0,77 goals per 90 minutes.

Final thoughts

In this data analysis we have reviewed three of the best U21 talents in attack. In the current D1 Arkema 2022/2023 season they impress. Make sure to follow their progress and perhaps they will do it even on a bigger stage.

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