Data analysis: Assessing Liverpool’s attacking power

Liverpool FC
BIRKENHEAD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27: Leanne Kiernan of Liverpool battles for possession with Steph Catley of Arsenal during the Vitality Women's FA Cup Fifth Round match between Liverpool Women and Arsenal Women at Prenton Park on February 27, 2022 in Birkenhead, England. (Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images)

Liverpool were dominant in during the 2021/22 Championship season in the Championship and are a worthy addition to the upcoming 2022/23 Women’s Super League campaign.

The Reds have been praised for the qualities of their attackers — but exactly just how good were they? In this data analysis article, we will look into that.

All the data was collected on May 26th, 2022 and was retrieved from Wyscout. The database consists of every player that has played in the attacking positions and has played at least 600 minutes in the 2021/2022 Championship.

Liverpool attackers: Quality of shots

Scatterplot quality of shots FA Women’s Championship

In the scatterplot above, you can see all attackers who have played 600 minutes or more in the Championship. The red dots indicate the players who are representing Liverpool. As you can see, those are Melissa Lawley, Yana Daniëls, Katie Stengel, and Leanne Kiernan.

When we look at the volume of shots per 90 minutes, we can see that Daniëls is below average while Lawley and Stengel are slightly above average. Kiernan on the other hand, really stands out and is way above average.

In terms of expected goals generated from those shots, Lawley and Daniëls perform under average. Stengel and Kiernan really performed well in these data metrics, as shown in the scatterplot.

Liverpool attackers: comparison with peers

In the radars below you can see how well each of the four players performs in percentiles compared to their attacking peers.

Lawley isn’t the best in the shooting data metrics as she scored below average, but her creating and possession make her one of the best in the league. There were no players better than her on when it comes to crosses, and very few rivalled her in the xA per 90 and assists per 90.

Daniëls is doing quite well in the creating metrics especially. She is slightly better in the shooting metrics in comparison with Lawley, but overall Lawley has the better stats out of the two. Still, the Belgian is a force to be reckoned with in terms of creating chances.

Stengel is really good in the box. She has the most goals in the league per 90 minutes and does very well in the xG per 90, as well as the assists per 90. She does come in the box a lot and is more of a pure goalscorer than a creator of many goals.

In terms of scoring overall the highest of the four players, Kiernan does exceedingly well according to the data. She is in the 95th percentile and up for the shooting metrics. The attacker is also in the box a lot, and scores high on progressive runs, crosses per 90, and xA per 90.

Kiernan is not only the most complete attacker Liverpool have, but she also scores very high in the shooting metrics.

Final thoughts

The four attacking players have done above average in the Women’s Championship, with Kiernan and Stengel really being of high quality in terms of the shooting metrics. It will be interesting to follow them over the course of the new season.

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