Deportivo de Alavés: This season’s Primera Iberdrola revelation team

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The rise to glory

Deportivo de Alavés — an unknown team for those who have followed the Spanish league — boast a lot of emerging talent considering they have just recently been promoted to the First Division.

This club is from Vitoria (Álava), they are first-timers in women’s football since their foundation in 2017.

In the following season to its official creation, they were classified in the Second Division, also known as Reto Iberdrola.

In the 2020/21 season, they finished first with coach Mikel Crespo directing. This position ensured them direct promotion to the First Division for the first time in their history.

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Their beginnings as pioneers

This team can mobilise a large number of fans who have followed them since their beginning. An example of this was the movement to Madrid of all their fans to support them in the promotion to the First Division. But before this historical event, there were 8,000 people who came to see them play in their first game in history against Athletic B.

The way to get to the First Division wasn’t easy, as explained by two of the team’s players.

Naroa García assured it was very difficult to get to the first team since players had to fight extremely hard.

Marta Sanadri, the team’s top scorer, affirmed that there was a lot of sacrifice and effort behind it. Even in her case, she had to combine her studies with football, so she hardly had time for herself. For this very reason, they took the promotion as a reward.

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A family that has led them to success

Being such a new and recently promoted team, Deportivo de Alavés haven’t lost their family essence. They are a very united group of players and where there is healthy competition.

This sentiment shared by all has led them to the best path they could dream of.

At the moment, Deportivo de Alavés is seventh in the general classification of the Primera Iberdrola. This position is more than pride for the players since the other team that rose with them is last.

Vitoria’s team has managed to win or tie the duels with their direct rivals and even reached the tie with renowned teams such as Real Madrid. Very positive results for a team that hadn’t yet competed at this level.

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Players to watch

The players who stand out the most in Deportivo de Alavés are Paraguayan Lice Chamorro and Spaniard Marta Sanadri. The former is the team’s current top scorer with three goals and one assist.

Sanadri has scored two goals in the league and is a promising 21-year-old with talent that is already a reality.

As for the history of the club, it is necessary to keep the name of Ane Miren. The forward is the first and only player who has scored in Mendizorrotza. In the only match they have played to date at this stadium, she scored the team’s two goals against Athletic B.

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