Everton 0-4 Manchester City: Visitors put opening day marker down at Goodison park


With several high profile new signings for both teams the tie between Manchester City and Everton promised to be an exciting tie as last seasons league runners up would need a better start to their season than they had achieved during the 2020/21 season. Everton would be looking to move up the league table and challenge those above them for a champions league spot. 

Starting XI’s


Mackiver, Sevecke, Bjorn, Finnigan, George, Turner (c), Christiansen, Galli, Dali, Anvegard, Duggan

Manchester City

Benameur-Taieb, Morgan, Houghton (c), Greenwood, Stokes, Coombs, Losada, Weir, Raso, Shaw, Beckie

Man City assert their dominance

With the first league game for both sides getting underway at Goodison park all eyes were on the new signings making their debuts for both teams.

The fixture saw the return of Toni Duggan to the WSL for Everton with Everton having signed a raft of new talent, including Swede Nathalie Björn who sparkled during the Olympics for her national team.

For the first few minutes of the game, it seemed as though the Toffees could be too much for Gareth Taylor’s side to handle. The hosts’ defence broke down any attack their visitors launched.

Manchester City, however, seemed keen to put a slightly disappointing midweek behind them as Vicky Losada put the visitors ahead in the 26th minute. From then on City looked too much for Everton to handle for the majority of the first half. Two further goals from Janine Beckie and Khadija Shaw saw Everton trailing 3-0 at the break. 

Everton struggle to contain Man City’s talent

The second half initially brought a lot more of the same. City’s new signing Hayley Raso seemed untouchable as she ran through the Everton defence feeding the ball into Shaw and Beckie. City skipper Steph Houghton put the game firmly to bed with a signature free kick in the 67th minute.

Several times Everton appeared to be closing in on Karima Benameur-Taieb’s goal, however the keeper managed to protect her clean sheet. The final whistle blew with Gareth Taylor’s side enjoying a comfortable 4-0 victory against an Everton side that showed moments of threat and promise. 

Stand out player

Hayley Raso was exceptional for her new side. The 27-year-old continuously put the Toffees defence on the back foot with her quick runs into the box. When the ball came down the opposite wing, Raso would frequently be waiting at the far post for the chance to tap the ball in for her debut goal. With her willing runs and attacking mindset, Raso could prove to be a challenge for City’s opponents to handle as the season progresses. 

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