Exclusive: Beth Guy looking to break boundaries at Newcastle United

St James' Park
Newcastle United's stadium, St James' Park, pictured empty

In a season which has seen Newcastle United rarely slip up and could be crowned champions next month, Beth Guy is now looking at the bigger picture.

Newcastle are set to play their final home game of the season at St James’ Park with co-owner Mehrdad Ghodoussi urging 30,000 fans to turn up and support the Lasses.

Becky Langley’s side know they are now in a win-at-all-costs mentality until the end of the season, but offering role models to the younger generation is even bigger.

Beth Guy looking at the bigger picture

From a footballing point of view a win is all that matters, but Guy – who knows better than anyone else – believes there is no reason why Newcastle can’t keep breaking boundaries and making a difference.

“It would be surreal [to break the attendance record],” Guy claimed. “The owners are really pushing for it.”

“I don’t see why we can’t get there [30,000] because we’ve broken boundaries and records in the past.”

After what’s been a tough season both on and off the pitch for Guy, she failed to hide the excitement on her face at the thought of playing at St James’ Park for a third time.

St James’ Park different to any other stadium

Guy netted from the penalty spot against Alnwick Town during the Lasses’ first match at St James’ Park and will be hoping for similar success this time around.

“It’s a totally different experience,” Guy added. “It’s not like Kingston Park or Druid Park, the whole atmosphere is different.”

“People will be nervous and that’s perfectly normal t be nervous before a game and I think everything will be heightened with it being at St James’ Park.”

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