Exclusive: Jade Pennock looks ahead to debut WSL season


Jade Pennock is set to embark on the biggest journey in her career, a leap into the WSL with Birmingham City.

Pennock was the star in the Sheffield United side, netting 25 times in 50 league appearances. But after three seasons with the Blades, and numerous offers, she decided to call it a day and make the jump up a league.

Not short of self-confidence and glowing in obvious pride, Jade Pennock appears ready-made for the step up into the WSL and stepping into a historical club such as Birmingham.

Pennock struggled to hide her obvious delight at penning a deal with the Blues, as she spoke about what it means to be a WSL player for Birmingham.

“Waiting for that opporuntity”

“It means a lot, to be honest. Obviously, I’ve been in the championship the last four years and I’ve just been waiting for that opportunity. I’m really grateful, obviously, Birmingham have given me the opportunity. It’s going to be a challenge, I know that, but I think it’s a challenge that I’m ready for.”

One of the most obvious and potentially life-changing results for Pennock moving to Birmingham is the ability to now go full time as a footballer. It shouldn’t be such an achievement and relief, but for many players, having two jobs is a must, especially in the Championship.

Pennock holding the famous Blue’s shirt (Photo credit – Ajani Pile-Gray)

Late and important goals can often be the difference between a club staying up and afloat or facing relegation and disappearing into the abyss, something Pennock hopes she can help Birmingham with.

“I do like to chip in with a goal or two. I like to think that I can find the right areas at the right time and score at important times. Quite a few of my goals have been last-minute goals so that’s something I’m really proud of and I would love to take into the WSL with Birmingham.

“Obviously being in the Championship, it is only part-time so I have worked an extra job alongside it which has been hard. So, I think getting this move just makes it something that I’m really, really grateful for and it’ll just mean that little bit more.”

Being able to be a full-time professional footballer is millions of people’s dream. So, after putting in the hard yards and travelling all over the country, only to wake up and go to another job the next day, it makes the achievement and glory that much sweeter, as the new signing said herself.

Jade Pennock on becoming full-time

“It was difficult [being part time] balancing it with full-time work. So, it will be nice to finally just be able to fully focus on football. It has been a dream to do that so for me, I’ll just be putting even more energy and more excitement into every moment out there.”

The Blues only managed to score 15 WSL goals in 22 games. Adding one of the Championship’s deadliest players in the final third over the last four years is a no-brainer.

Nothing can prepare a footballer for their debut season in England’s top flight, but being a star in the Championship goes a long way.

Ajani Pile-Gray (left) and Jade Pennock (right) in Saint Andrew’s Stadium

Jade Pennock has been able to master her craft and become so versatile that she can play anywhere across the front line, which will give defenders nightmares not knowing where she will pop up.

The new Birmingham recruit highlighted how she will be ready and prepared for whatever the league throws at her.

“I’m a right-winger but to be honest, I can play anywhere across the front three.

“I like attacking, I like to be able to beat players and put the ball in the box so, in terms of assists, I’m hoping to take that straight into the WSL.

“I don’t think personally I’ll change much about my game. Obviously I know the competition will be a lot harder and that is a challenge I’m really looking forward to with the goals.

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