FIFA encourages federations to invest in their women’s national teams

Chief women’s footballer officer at FIFA, Sarah Bareman has spurred on FAs to properly back their national teams in order for them to prosper.

As a former international player herself with Samoa, Bareman stated that players would never reach their full potential without changes from individual FAs.

In a ground-breaking move, FIFA provided teams competing in the 2023 World Cup with the same resources as men’s teams. The tournament also saw a total of 32 nations competing in the tournament finals, rather than the previous 24 nations.

While speaking at the Leaders in Sports business conference in London, Bareman stressed the importance of these resources being invested properly.

“Give them the environment and support that they should get as professional athletes. It’s very simple. You know, we did it at this World Cup, we [FIFA] equalised all of the levels of people and service levels for those efforts.

“So they fly business class and have single hotel rooms, they have team base camps now. The delegation sizes are equal to what we saw [with the men’s World Cup] in Qatar.”

The sentiment follows on from the controversy highlighted throughout the 2023 World Cup. Women’s national teams have, at times, been synonymous with either intentional or indirect neglect or withholding of facilities and funding. Jamaica were forced to crowd fund ahead of their campaign, while Canada has seen its fair share of player-federation disputes.

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