Football Kenya Federation invests in physio development for Premier and National Leagues

The Football Kenya Federation has taken advantage of the previously laid out plans of the FIFA women’s development programme. The FKF has unveiled its own plans adjacent to the FIFA investment, to train and upskill physiotherapists working specifically in women’s football.

The workshops undertaken by the FKF draw focus to clubs operating within the Women’s Premier League and the Women’s National Super League. The target was to deliver training and qualifications to physiotherapists in an effort to improve both the welfare of the players in these leagues, and the legitimacy of the medical care professionals in the sport.

FKF spokesperson Margaret Omondi said: “We are fully committed to the advancement of women’s football. We’ve undertaken significant initiatives. Our active participation in the FIFA Women’s Football Campaign, and now, we’re proud to introduce this physiotherapist workshop that is part of the FIFA league development program.”

Image credit: FIFA/FKF Premier League (Football Kenya Federation). OCTOBER 2023.

The workshops also placed a heavy focus on mental health in women’s football in Kenya. They ensure the physios know how to manage and protect both their own and the players mental health.

Psychology specialist Wammbeyi Abishag led one of the workshops. The focus for the workshop was the ethical issues surrounding mental health and the benefits of positive phycological health.

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