Red Bull Freestyle Tournament to be Broadcast Online

The Red Bull Street Style World Championship has officially begun. But this year, the annual freestyle competition will be held and watched entirely online.

From May 18 to June 20, anyone in the world can submit a 30-second video showing off their freestyle skills.

In the women’s division, the top 60 entries then compete in three subsequent stages to decide the final eight.

On November 14, the final eight will freestyle live from home in a championship round streamed globally.

Both the women’s and men’s divisions will be up for prize money in the amounts of 6,000€ for first, 3,000€ for second, and 1,000€ for third.

“This online season of Red Bull Street Style could not have come at a better time, and it’s unique: There has never been a freestyle competition on this scale that’s online and open to everyone,” said Steve Elias, President of the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA).

“We’re going to see all the top stars and also discover new faces who never had a chance to enter before. It’s exciting.” 

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The Red Bull Street Style competition first began in 2008 in cooperation with the WFFA. The women’s division was later added in 2012. 

Since then, it has been Mélody Donchet (Instagram) from France who has dominated the scene. Donchet is the 2019 defending world champion and is the only person to have won three times.

In 2008, she injured her knee ending her professional dreams leading her to discover freestyle. 

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“For me, Red Bull Street Style is the best competition in the world. It’s the one I’ve participated in the most – and the competitive aspect is only part of the reason why,” Donchet told Red Bull.

“It’s also got a big media presence, which helps me share my passion for the sport. I want to help more and more people get to know this discipline of football.”

Donchet will also be among a handful of freestyle stars featured in a new video game. Street Power Football is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and PC Summer 2020.

Street Power will feature signature moves from each star, so keep an eye out for them in the competition.

As Donchet looks to defend her title, thousands if not millions of women will have an unprecedented chance to compete.

Red Bull is calling it more inclusive than ever. Creative solutions to social distancing like this show that it doesn’t have to be limiting. 

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