Georgia Wilson: From Bristol City to Danish side AaB

Following Bristol City’s relegation from the Women’s Super League, a number of players moved to pastures new — one of which was Georgia Wilson.

The youngster struggled with ongoing injuries during her time down south, resulting in her opting for a move to Denmark. The 19-year-old spoke to Her Football Hub about her switch to European side AaB.

Wilson has her whole career ahead of her. But all was put under strain amidst the pandemic while she battled with a case of long Covid. The positive spin she put on a difficult situation was truly fascinating.

Wilson said that she “strongly believes everything happens for a reason” and cited her “difficulties with injury and illness” led her to where she is now.

“I am very grateful to Bristol for the opportunity they gave me at such a young age,” she reflected.

Georgia Wilson in action for then WSL side Bristol City

The WSL may be one of the most watched leagues, but the Danish Elitedivisionen is also on the rise.

There are similarities and differences between the two, something which Wilson delved into.

“The key difference is the intensity here, every team adopts a high press. Also, I had to quickly adapt to the fact that referees are far stricter in Denmark. They penalise you more often for using your body,” she explained.

It’s easy enough to overlook the fact that there is much more to life than football. On that note, Wilson spoke about her time away from the pitch. She claimed “the streets always seem to be so much cleaner” in Denmark and “the environment and the way people live their lives is so peaceful.”

Wilson is still in the very early stages of her career, which makes moving to another country all the more daunting. But despite the unnerving nature of a move abroad, she continued to paint a very positive picture of Denmark.

“Before I came to Aalborg, I was aware that Denmark was consistently rated the happiest country in the world. In my experience, the locals have all been so happy and welcoming which has made the cultural shift an easy adjustment.”

Georgia Wilson striking for AaB

Not only is there a cultural shift for Wilson but a language one too. Luckily though, this is something which hasn’t been an insurmountable hurdle.

“Though I have picked up a few useful Danish phrases, I am very lucky as my teammates all speak fluent English.”

As well as the cultural shift, the distance away from friends and family is also difficult to adjust to.

“It was obviously very hard to leave my family and friends. However, AaB offered a great opportunity for me to gain experience and further my footballing career.’ When asked who or what was hardest to leave behind.

“I miss my family, friends and most of all my dog, Eddie. I’m very lucky that they are only a short flight away though.”

Georgia Wilson playing for AaB, surrounded by opponents

Times were tough on and off the field for Bristol City last campaign, and not just for Wilson.

They faced relegation out of the WSL and so this was a crossroads in her career. The next step could have been a tough decision but Wilson said joining AaB “was an easy choice”.

This being due to the fact that she “was told they play an attractive style of football and have a reputation of developing youth talent.”

To finish on a light-hearted note, Wilson discussed the players across the world she has looked up this year.

“So far this season, Kim Little has impressed me for Arsenal. Her footwork is incredible and she is such an intelligent player. She’s also improved her goal scoring form and is someone I would try to emulate.

“In the wider footballing world, I would say Danielle Van de Donk. Her work often goes unnoticed but is an integral part to Lyon’s title hopes. She was a tough opponent when I faced her.”

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