Historic new sponsorship deal for Scottish top flight

The Scottish Women’s Premier League has found a new “historic” sponsor that will carry them through the rest of the 2021/22 season.

Parks Motor Group has announced that they will be sponsoring the league going forward. The news breaks as the rest of the highly contested season plays out. Currently league leaders Rangers are sitting top whilst pushing perennial champions, Glasgow City.

The Scottish women’s football chair, Vivienne MacLaren described it as ‘a historic moment for Scottish Women’s Football, the SWPL, and the entire game.’

A historic sponsoriship deal for Scottish football

In a period of financial concern across the world of football following the pandemic, the deal serves to alleviate some of that pressure. MacLaren went on to confirm “The COVID pandemic was difficult for everyone. I’m sure many had concerns about the momentum of the game. However, today’s deal showcases that the Scottish game is more attractive to commercial sponsors and partners than ever before.”

Fans and clubs in Scotland alike will be hoping the deal will stretch along further seasons going forward. The timing couldn’t be better as investment into the league is priceless. Especially at a time when the English WSL has seen high levels of funding.

It’s been heralded as confirmation by many that the Scottish game warrants a wider audience. SWF’s CEO Aileen Campbell went on record “This is a further sign that the game here is deserving of recognition and investment. This will be the fifth continuous season that the SWPL has had a title sponsor.”

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