Jorge Vilda finds a new team after Spain dismissal

Jorge Vilda, new coach of the Morocco women's national team
Jorge Vilda, new coach of the Morocco women's national team

The coach on the winning side at the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Jorge Vilda, has found a new job. The move comes just a month after he was kicked out of the Spanish women’s national team.

Currently under investigation in Spain, Vilda is the new coach for the Morocco women’s national team. He agreed to a four-year contract by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) — running through to 2027.

According to Relevo, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) recommended Vilda. Morocco and Spain are working together, as both countries will host the men’s World Cup in 2030, along with Portugal.

Lluís Cortés role

Lluís Cortés, former coach of Ukraine and FC Barcelona was eager to take the ambitious job in Morocco. The federation presented the job with a good salary and ambitious goals, with qualification for the 2027 World Cup on the horizon.

Cortés was about to accept the post. However, during talks, the federation revealed that Jorge Vilda would be the youth sports director.

The Catalan didn’t want to work alongside someone associated with the incident involving Jenni Hermoso. After all, Cortés was Hermoso’s coach in Barça, and his opinion is clear about this topic. He is on her side.

Cortés stepped back after realising the former Spain coach would be his workmate. That’s when Vilda took the position, following a helpful recommendation from the Spanish Federation.

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Making Morocco a bigger team

Vilda is the new coach of Morocco after Reynald Pedros’ dismissal. The French coach took Morocco to the CAF Africa Cup of Nations final in 2022, and the Round of 16 at the World Cup this summer.

Reynald achieved the most masterful feat in Moroccan women’s football history. Vilda, now without staff members, aims to take Morocco to the next level.

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