La Liga and Liga MX form alliance, including women’s football

La Liga Liga MX logos

During a joint virtual conference, the leaders of both La Liga and Liga MX have announced a sporting alliance. The aim of the partnership is to increase the support and broaden the reach of both country’s top men’s and women’s football leagues.

Javier Tebas, president of Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional in Spain, and Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX in Mexico, made the announcement to much fanfare on Thursday.

The partnership promises to expand on the connection that players have already long-established between both countries. This also involves youth and coaching development, as well as overall club management.

“Today we see that for many years, with players like Hugo Sánchez or Rafael Márquez, the fan has roots with La Liga,” said Arriola.

Currently, several Mexican footballers call the Spanish leagues home. In women’s football, players such as Kenti Robles, Jimena López, and Kiana Palacios compete in the Primera División.

“Liga MX has been with its women’s league for four years with a major plan to enhance women’s football in Mexico,” said Nuño Pérez-Pla, director of La Liga’s Mexican office. “We want to be one of the main promoters of women’s football worldwide and here we will find a great, important ally.”

The globalization of football

The agreement marks the start of a new era of collaboration in football.

“Liga MX is one of the leagues with the greatest growth potential in the American continent and in the world,” said Tebas. “It has a lot of growth potential at a digital level. We want Liga MX to grow, to have its digital transformation, because that gives us an experience. And if they grow, so do we.”

This message mirrors the goal of the Mexican leagues. Since taking over as president of Liga MX at the start of 2021, Arriola’s mission has always been fixated on growth.

“We want to be present in other countries,” said Arriola. “We want to expand our player window, so that our players have more appearances in Spain.”

Just last week, Arriola proposed the idea of formally linking Liga MX Femenil with both the NWSL and the FAWSL. In April, he also emphasized the importance of partnering with MLS.

Uniting with leagues from around the world is what many of the top leaders in football view as a necessary path forward in a more globalized football market.

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