Exclusive: Durham’s Lauren Briggs on her international call up aspirations

(Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

Lauren Briggs is aiming for the dazzling heights of representing her country and picking up silverware with Durham in the next 12 months.

Durham very often find themselves in and around the top of the FA Women’s Championship table. This this is very much down to their determined and committed players and coaches.

Briggs is certainly a core member of that group, having been with Durham for the majority of her career except for a small break spell at Sunderland.

Briggs has, like many footballers, personal ambitions. But if you aren’t a committed Durham or even Briggs fan, you may be unaware of her eligibility. She can play for both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland via her grandparents, something she’s dreaming of doing in the next 12 months.

However, that is a major aim for Briggs, with the versatile winger claiming she now “has the confidence” to perform on the international stage.

Briggs to shine on the big stage

With Northern Ireland set to take part in this summer’s European Championships, Briggs is doing all she can to prove her worth. She hopes to become a figure on a bigger stage than the Championship.

“I’m eligible for the Irish team, whether it be Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland,” she told Her Football Hub. “So as for me now I feel I’ve got the confidence, and I’ve got some experience.

“I feel confident in where I’m at currently, I think that’s potentially the next step for me.”

Representing your country is the highest honour a footballer can likely achieve without winning silverware with their side. However, Briggs knows it won’t be handed to her on a plate.

It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to say that Briggs is one of the most versatile players in the Championship. She has played on both flanks and at both ends of the pitch as a wing-back and an attack-minded winger.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Briggs is not pigeon-holing herself into one position and wants to improve all over the pitch.

Versatility is key for Briggs

“I think for me, yes, it is doing what I do in training every week because I am scoring goals in training, I just need to convert that into a game situation. 

“As well, I just think, defensively, it’s just about being calm and collected on the ball and as long as I feel like I’m able to do that, and as long as I’m contributing to the whole team’s performance, that’s what’s most important.”

There’s no doubting her determination to reach her peak as soon as possible and then smashing it as she has hopes not just for the country of her choice, but for the club which holds a special place in her heart.

Durham achievements on the horizon

Briggs has spent the majority of her career with the Wildcats but now more than ever, it feels like a Championship title could be on the horizon next season.

“I think for us, we always concentrate on ourselves and take each game as it comes and I fully believe that we’ll be up there competing again. 

“I really think we’ll be up for promotion, our goals are always to be promoted and anything short of that, of course, we’re disappointed.”

For all avid watchers of Durham and the Championship, hearing what Briggs has to say about the squad, their aims and her personal goals will only increase her incredibly high standard and performances moving forward.

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