Leah Williamson guest edits Beano for 70th anniversary of Minnie the Minx

A snippet of the front page of Beano's 70th Minnie the Minx anniversary edition, featuring Leah Williamson
A snippet of the front page of Beano's 70th Minnie the Minx anniversary edition, featuring Leah Williamson

England captain Leah Williamson has guest edited a special edition of Beano, the world’s longest running comic. The issue celebrates the 70th anniversary of the first appearance of Minnie the Minx, widely regarded as a female trailblazer in her own right.

Williamson joins an illustrious list of former guest editors including Marcus Rashford, tennis icon Andy Murray, and comedian Harry Hill.

By captaining England to European glory and receiving an OBE for her efforts, Williamson is no stranger to heroics. Not unlike Minnie the Minx herself. The lovable mischief-maker was the first female character to feature on the cover of Beano, she is also widely considered to be the world’s first female comic heroine.

Inspiring generations

The home-grown Arsenal defender couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be involved with the special edition.

“Minnie has shown children for generations, through mischief and laughter, that it’s okay to blaze their own trail through life, and strong role models like her empower young girls, helping them break down barriers. I’m honoured to have got the chance to guest edit this historic issue of the comic, and I hope Minnie will continue to inspire many more generations to come.”

The occasion is also special in another way. This issue marks the first time in Beano’s history that a woman has edited for the comic. Inclusive of guest and permanent Beano editors, Williamson is again breaking down walls in an altogether new field of work.

The 70th anniversary Minnie the Mix strip sees Williamson hold an assembly where she inspires the students. Her speech to the infamous Bash Street Kids starts with a wholesome message for the readers.

“I’m here to talk about people who blaze a trail for others to follow, and how you should never be afraid to fail.”

This special edition Beano is on sale now in selected supermarkets and newsagents until November 22nd, as well as online.

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