Anna Soulsby shares ‘good vibes’ after Newcastle United victory

Long-term absentee Anna Soulsby has amditted there are only good vibes at Newcastle United as they kept up the pressure on Durham Cestria.

Newcastle picked up a well-earned three points against Leeds United on Sunday, although it was far from simple with Kacie Elson’s goals coming deep into the second half.

As has been the case on several occasions this season, Becky Langley’s substitution and in-game tweaks proved the difference and Soulsby was the prime example of that.

Soulsby replaced Millie Bell and immediately imposed herself on both the game and Leeds by driving forward with skill and pace, but also flattening a number of players to the floor.

Anna Soulsby continues to make a difference

This appeared to force Leeds back a couple of yards as they took note of Soulsby’s ability on the ball as well as her bullish approach to the game.

Langley’s side now sit six points behind table-toppers Durham Cestria, although they do indeed have two games in hand and Soulsby has admitted that positivity is growing behind the scenes.

She said: “It’s great, we’ve got the post-match winning photograph, got the music on, we’re going to get some pasta and watch the Liverpool match, it’s good vibes.”

It’s a testament to the positive environment that Langley has created over the years at Newcastle as the whole squad are positive despite again, having to play catch-up in the league.

Positivity heading into Durham Cestria clash

Soulsby has been through an incredibly tough time of things over the last 12-18 months having suffered a season-ending knee injury last term but is quickly making up for last time.

With an assist and pass starting off another goal, Soulsby is surely going to be knocking on the door of Langley in the near future for a start and that may come next Tuesday against Durham.

The versatile attacker is excited by the prospect of facing Durham in what may be perceived by many as title-defining, but Soulsby knows there’s plenty more football to play as she added:

“We’re very positive about it, the atmosphere’s very good at the moment but we’re just taking one game at a time”

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