Panini launches Liga F trading cards for second straight season

Liga F players line up holding Panini stickers
Liga F Panini 2023/24 sticker launch

Panini, the sticker and trading cards company has officially released the Liga F album and its cards for the 2023/24 season.

After last year’s success with the first-ever card collection dedicated to a women’s football domestic league, Panini is set to repeat the same positive result this upcoming season. 

The album presentation took place at an event on Tuesday morning in Madrid at Liga F’s offices. For the president of the Spanish league, Beatriz Álvarez, this year’s expectations are even higher than last year’s.

“Last season, we beat records with something historic but this season will be better,” Álvarez stated.

Players back the presentation

Virginia Torrecilla (Villarreal FC), Enith Salón (Valencia FC), and Leicy Santos (Atlético de Madrid) also made an appearance at the launch. They manifested their support for the album in representation of the players’ community.

Torrecilla showed herself understanding when it comes to how difficult it can be to invest in women’s football. However, she is confident that fans will respond once again and the interest in women’s football cards will only continue to grow.

“That is the greatest example that it is worth it,” the Villarreal midfielder assured.

About the collection

Panini is one of the largest stickers and trading card companies worldwide. In Spain alone, more than 60,000 establishments sell their products. Fans should already be able to find this collection in all of them. The initial package comes with the album, four packets of cards, and a Jugones magazine for a total of five euros. A pack costs one euro apiece and contains eight cards each.

Last year there was some controversy. Fans complained the album did not feature teams’ full squads. Key players such as Caroline Graham-Hansen were left without their own cards, as each team was only awarded 16 individual spots in the album. This time around, the company seems to have listened to the criticisms. The collection has been expanded from 365 to 406 cards, with a minimum of 18 players per team. 

What’s ahead?

In 2022, Panini signed a deal with the Spanish league to continue to come out with yearly collections each season at least until the 2026/27 season. That indicates we can look forward to continue gathering cards of our favorite players for quite a bit. We can also expect other domestic leagues to follow Liga F’s lead and launch their own collections soon.

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