An Evening With… Tash Flint – HFH: Final Whistle S2 E8

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It’s international break, which means only one thing… Time to get to know a player a little better with Her Football Hub’s ‘An Evening With…’ segment!

Whilst Georgia swans off for a few days, we’ve left you in the hands of Drew, who chats with Leicester City star Tash Flint. The two talk about the striker’s life before the Foxes and before professional football, including where she was when she received an important England call-up!

Flint also tells us who she thinks is the best footballer in the world and highlights where she sees herself heading in the near future.

Tune in for a hearty social-distanced discussion between the pair and keep an eye out for our next Final Whistle episode!

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An Evening With... Tash Flint – HFH: Final Whistle S2 E8