‘It’s Not On!’ – HFH: Final Whistle S2E4

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There might not be any results to talk about but that hasn’t stopped Drew and Georgia on this week’s episode!

The pair recap on the week’s news, including Shanice van de Sanden’s shock move to Wolfsburg and Sweden following suit with equal pay.

Not to mention the red mist radiating from both of them over a certain Nike faux pas (which has since been rectified, hooray!)

Her Football Hub’s iconic duo are also keen to hear your thoughts on their individual fantasy teams… Their ultimate squads for the 2020/21 season are yours to judge! Drop us a comment on our socials or leave a review if you’re feeling generous.

Tune in for another episode of laughter, trivia and good vibes as Drew and Georgia take you through another week of action in the world of women’s football.

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Her Football Hub Podcast
'It's Not On!' – HFH: Final Whistle S2E4