Premier League invests £20m into the growth of women’s football

Four Premier League Hi-Vis Flight match balls
The Premier League Hi-Vis Flight match ball seen prior to a WSL match between West Ham United and Bristol City in November 2023. (Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images)

Elite women’s football is tipped for further growth after the Premier League confirms plans to distribute £20m worth of funding to top-performing clubs.

First reported by Sky News, it’s understood the Women’s Super League (WSL) and Championship clubs approved the financing at a meeting on Wednesday, following talks with the Football Association about a similar debt package over recent months.

Funding for the future of women’s football

Club executives said the loan would be made on an interest-free basis and only repayable when the ‘NewCo’ established by the top two divisions records £100m in annual revenue.

The new funding will be used for several purposes as the new commercial entity becomes operational.

Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters told MPs at a recent select committee: “Our clubs agreed they would make a financial loan to the NewCo that is being set up at the top of the women’s game in the Premier League and have a seat on the board and provide a whole bunch of services to the game such as advice on how to commercially develop the league.

“It still had to be approved by the WSL board, but I hope that is the start of a relationship and the men’s game can help the women’s game in a whole raft of different areas.”

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