Ruby Mace: Why the Man City star needs more opportunities


Every few years or so, you come across a young talent that you know will take over the footballing world someday. Ruby Mace is that player.

North London Derby — where it started

I remember watching her make her debut in a North London derby as if it was just any other game.

That unwavering confidence is what makes me certain that she will become a world-beater. Unfortunately, her time at Arsenal was brief but I saw the glimpses that show Mace will have a stellar career providing she stays fit.

The loan spell of dreams

A player won’t flourish without minutes. It’s impossible.

Birmingham City signed Mace on loan for the 2020/21 season and it would prove to be the campaign that would propel her into the spotlight.

Upon her arrival at Birmingham, former Blues boss Carla Ward waxed lyrical about her new signing, describing her as “a gifted young player with so much potential”.

During the 2020/21 Women’s Super League season, I saw the impact and versatility of Mace.

She has the aggression and technique to play in midfield to go alongside her composure and strength to operate in defence.

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Any centre-back who can score two goals in 11 games can leave their loan spell with their head held high. Football has changed in a sense that, a lot more teams need their central defenders to be as technical as their midfielders — this suits Mace perfectly.

Last-minute equalisers during a relegation fight earning key points. Those are moments that alert the footballing world to who you are. Mace’s stocks rose incredibly thanks to these crucial performances.

It’s time

Manchester City have struggled with form this season. I think now is the perfect time to give Mace a chance to thrive in this team.

Her performances and attitude are what made City sign her, which means she’s ready to contribute.

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