Saudi Arabia form Women’s Football League

Just over two years on from women even being allowed inside football stadiums after a Royal decree in Saudi Arabia, the country has now announced a women’s league is finally being formed.

The league will stretch across three cities. With the winners from each of these cities facing off in a final cup competition. This comes after yet another Royal decree from Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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The Saudi FA has now confirmed that a £100,000 prize fund for the regional league. Saudi have never competed at a World Cup before and there is hope this will push the national team toward a higher level.

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Although, protesters and campaigners alike are adamant there is still much to do in Saudi before achieving equality. The eventual end goal is for women to receive proper representation in society and sport.

The SFA official statement goes on to counter, “The launch of the bolsters women’s participation in sports at the community level and will generate increased recognition for women.”

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