Hidden Powers: Glasgow City’s Tyler Dodds is lighting up both the pitch and the stage

Tyler Dodds is a name that is quickly becoming familiar to fans of the Scottish Women’s Premier League.

The Glasgow City winger has contributed eight assists so far in her inaugural season at the club, second only to Costa Rican international Priscila Chinchilla.

She is also not afraid to go for goal herself — having scored in City’s recent 6-0 victory over Hamilton in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup.

A talented vocalist

But Dodds is known for more than just her skills on the ball. She is also a talented vocalist who maintains a successful music career alongside football.

Dropping the surname (because “Dodds is for football you see”), the winger-turned-singer brands herself as simply Tyler on stage.

“It’s just Tyler for my solo, which is a bit of everything normally done in clubs. You know, from 60s to new songs,” she told Her Football Hub. “I also have my Taylor Swift tribute which is ‘Tyler Swift’. I’ve got my wig on and my red lipstick, trying to act and sing like Taylor Swift.”

The 25-year-old also fronts 90s cover trio Tyler’s Nineties Tribute.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/TYLERofficialmusic

How it all began

Dodds discovered her passion for music aged 11, when her father built a recording studio in their family home.

“I thought, alright, me and my brother will just give it a go and we sang two songs. I went to school and showed my friends. By the end of the day, people who I didn’t know were coming up to us saying ‘is this you?’

“It was just crazy.”

This newfound talent began to develop into a career for the winger when she started performing with her father as a teenager.

“I started doing like, two songs in my dad’s band and going on stage for the first time. And then, the year after, I was in the trio.”

Career highlights so far

Since then, Dodds has performed in venues across the country with her three different acts.

When asked about her proudest career moments, she talked about her first full summer season at Haven.

“I had to go out of my way to introduce myself to all the staff. Normally it would be my dad that would do that. To push myself to make those conversations and get the details that were needed and to do that consistently for the full year. It just showed how much I had grown.”

Dodds also mentioned her recently released single as a career highlight.

“I released a song with Passmore during lockdown and that was just a really fun experience. I was in a music video and the song is on iTunes.”

The song is name aptly after the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Why she loves performing

When discussing what she loves about performing, the Glasgow City star lit up.

“It’s just a different feeling being on stage. I was still so shy [performing with her father’s band] that I didn’t really fully enjoy it until I was pushed into going solo. And then I did that and my confidence, it just changed completely.

“I was so confident on stage. I would move, sing, have a bit of patter with the audience. It made me so much more confident. When I went to Italy last year, I couldn’t sing because it was during Covid. I really missed it.

“Obviously, I’m focusing on my football but [performing] is my passion as well.”

Balancing singing and football

Finding a balance between football and performing hasn’t been easy, Dodds admitted.

“It has been difficult. As a kid doing it, I was playing lower level football which helped because it meant I could work. But I would still be at every training session or every match, I might just be a bit tired. Now, being a professional footballer as well, it totally depends on where I’m at and what [the club’s] schedule is.

“Thankfully, the schedule at Glasgow is that we train every morning so I can work night times.”

The winger is honest when she discusses the compromises she has had to make to juggle her two careers.

“I’ve changed where my gigs are and how far I’ll travel, whereas before I’d work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, some mid-weeks. I’d do as much as I can, earn as much as I can and enjoy it as much as I can.”

Dodds seems to have struck a good balance between performing and football while at Glasgow.

“I am focusing on football but I can still work and be in the house by 12 o’clock. It’s great. I’m back so much earlier than I used to be.”

When conversing with the talented player, one thing is absolutely clear. Whether talking about her music or her football, the future is bright for Tyler Dodds. 

Tyler’s debut single, “Lockdown” is out now and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. She can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube under “TylerOfficialMusic”.