Spanish top tier reaches historic contract agreement

A momentous evening in Madrid confirmed that players in the Spanish top tier of women’s football division had acquired significant new contracts.

Negotiations had been dragging on for the better part of 18 months. The league has agreed on the first-ever Collective Bargaining Agreement, finally breaking the stalemate.

The exact details of the agreement have not been disclosed yet. Part-time players are expecting a 50% increase in wages from the €8,000 initially proposed to €12,000.

Players demanded that maternity, injury and holiday needs be accounted for. These provisions have now supposedly been met.

A minimum salary of €16,000 had been approved for full-time professionals. The disagreement on part-time players’ wages had proved to be the stumbling block.

Players had gone on strike in November of last year. They refused to participate in all 8 fixtures planned for one weekend.

The strike came about as a consequence of the Asociación de Clubes de Fútbol Femenino’s (ACFF) inability to match the requests made by players’ unions.

However, it appears that a deal has now been reached. The specifics of the agreement will likely be unveiled once it has been submitted to the Spanish Congress.

This is a huge step forward in the professionality of the league. It also demonstrates how, with the rapid growth of the women’s game across the globe, players no longer need to tolerate below par workplace standards.

It also shows how much an impact the rapid growth of the women’s game has had. Players no longer need to tolerate sub-par workplace standards.

From the US Women’s National Team ongoing fight for pay parity to Kenya Footballers’ Welfare Association providing free sanitary products to women’s clubs, there are huge strides being taken across all of women’s football.

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