TIKS: Groundbreaking new series highlights raw topics in women’s football


Throw in the Kitchen Sink (TIKS) is a brand new football documentary that bares all. In the five-part series, a new topic is discussed weekly by a number of professionals within the sport.

TIKS is the brainchild of production company 3LanceMedia. Director Ajani Pile-Grey spearheads the project along with the help of James Lewis.

The motive behind the documentary is to make pressing issues within women’s football front and centre. Topics including equal pay and discrimination are discussed by a wide range of familiar faces and industry experts.

For example, the likes of West Ham’s Maz Pacheco and Leicester’s Natasha Flint are present throughout the series. The two give their thoughts and relive accounts of personal experiences. Additionally, TIKS welcomes Lewes FC general manager Maggie Murphy to the floor, as well as representatives of Her Football Hub.

Throughout the five episodes, Throw in the Kitchen Sink aims to break down stigma and negativity within the women’s game. As a result of ongoing research and informative talks with professionals, 3LanceMedia have created a series for the ages.

The producers have teased a follow-up series after the well-received debut.

Episode list:

  1. Sexism & Sexuality
  2. Broadcasting Issues
  3. Black Representation
  4. Agency & Professionalisation
  5. Equal Pay

TIKS is available to watch online via YouTube – you can check out the trailer and all five full episodes here.

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