UEFA: Lucy Bronze talks menstrual cycles in latest #WePlayStrong podcast

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Following the success of the first three episodes, the first women’s football podcast from UEFA #WePlayStrong continues to bring important issues within the women’s game to light.

The latest instalment of ‘The Football Podcast’ features host Rocky Hehakaija who is joined by Nadia Nadim and special guest Lucy Bronze in ‘The One Where We Shouldn’t Mention Our Periods’.

The trio talk deeply about the effects a woman’s menstrual cycle can have on her performance on the pitch. England international Bronze recounts her own experiences and stresses the importance of normalising the discussion of these topics.

The defender heavily praised recent England appointment Dawn Scott for her attitude towards providing information on how an athlete’s body can change and be affected. The sports scientist is continuing her work in injury research and how it could tie in with menstrual cycles.

Bronze, Hehakaija and Nadim also discuss the tender topic of stress incontinence and the research being put into finding out more about it.

‘The One Where We Shouldn’t Mention Our Periods’ is a hugely important episode in this series. The podcast is aimed at rising talent between the ages of 13 and 25. Providing this kind of information will help carve the next generation of female footballers.

Young women and girls have been without access to in-depth discussions on topics like managing your period whilst playing. UEFA #WePlayStrong are helping to give their audience a safe space to learn, share and get involved.

You can find ‘The Football Podcast’ on Spotify, Apple Music, IGTV and YouTube. UEFA also continuously promote the women’s game through their @weplaystrong Instagram account.

Tune into the UEFA Together #WePlayStrong ‘The Football Podcast’ and be part of the change the women’s game deserves.

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