UEFA: New #WePlayStrong podcast to inspire change in women’s football

UEFA's The Football Podcast graphic, part of the We Play Strong Together campaign.

The latest masterpiece from UEFA Together #WePlayStrong comes in the form of their new women’s football podcast. The project strives to promote equality and champion change within the sport.

‘The Football Podcast’ has one aim: to bring supporters and game changers together. They are warmly welcomed by street football legend Rocky Hehakaija,Wolfsburg and Netherlands international Shanice van de Sanden, and Paris Saint-Germain and Denmark international Nadia Nadim.

The hosts discuss common misconceptions and lingering stereotypes as UEFA push to break down the barriers that exist today in the women’s game.

In the first episode, ‘The One Where No One Cares’, the three hosts are joined by FIFA Women’s World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe. Up for debate are the differences in promoting men’s and women’s football.

Other episodes feature guest appearances from UEFA 2019/20 Player of the Year Pernille Harder and Dutch goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal. The icons all have their say on the recurring negative stigmas that surround players in the women’s game. 

Topics heavily debated by the panel include goal size, menstrual cycles and equal pay.

Mission statement

UEFA Together #WePlayStrong aims to target female footballers between ages 13-25 with this new series by using the stars of today to motivate the rising talent of tomorrow.

Through ‘The Football Podcast’, the #WePlayStrong campaign endeavours to boost morale, spark motivation and inspire change. By delivering raw discussions over ‘taboo’ topics, the project aims to light a fire under these common misconceptions.

Episodes 1-3 are available to listen to now. You can find ‘The Football Podcast’ on Spotify, Apple Music, IGTV and YouTube. UEFA also continuously promote the women’s game through their @weplaystrong Instagram account.

Tune into the UEFA Together #WePlayStrong ‘The Football Podcast’ and be part of the change the women’s game deserves.

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