UWCL in numbers: Wolfsburg vs Paris FC

WOLFSBURG, GERMANY - OCTOBER 18: Louise Fleury of Paris FC celebrates scoring their second goal during the UEFA Women's Champions League Qualifying Round 2 Second Leg match between VfL Wolfsburg and Paris FC at on October 18, 2023 in Wolfsburg, Germany. (Photo by Cathrin Mueller/Getty Images)

Paris FC did something astonishing: they qualified for the group stages in the UWCL but also did that by beating both Arsenal and Wolfsburg. The latter was beaten after a 0-2 win in Wolfsburg this week. So how did they do that? We look at some data and visualisations from that game.

Shots: Wolfsburg – Paris FC

In the visual above you can see all shots taken by both teams. Both teams have many shots, but it was Paris FC that managed to score two goals (red dots) which was the difference between the two teams. Wolfsburg also tends to shoot close to goal, while Paris also shoots from outside the penalty area.

Pass network: Wolfsburg – Paris FC

In the visual above you can see the passing networks of both teams. This shows the most common passing combinations combined with the average passing position of each player.

Wolfsburg used width in the defensive line, but plays very compactly in midfield and attack, with the attackers in a more wider position and the midfielders coming in in the central areas. They like to overload the central zones and create from the side.

Paris FC have a similar line in passing at the back, but they use more width in midfield and attack too. Their wingers are wide, but the attacking midfield is in that same zone, while the defensive midfielders play considerably deeper. They play with a lone striker and that is quite clear from this particular visual.

What’s even more interesting is that Paris FC’s defenders passing locations are higher than Wolfsburg’s players, which is an indication of the attacking mindset of the French club and that they weren’t afraid to take more risks.

Final thoughts

Wolfsburg will want to forget this particular game quickly and focus on the domestic challenges. Paris FC however are going to want to build on this. Their style of play is looking successful both in France as in Europe, and this might be only a small part of what is to come for the French outfit.

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