Welsh Premier Women’s League: A new league structure

Cardiff City Stadium
A general view of the Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff, Wales on 10 April 2021. (Photo by Graham Hunt)

We are always on the hunt for interesting stories around the globe and we wanted to sit down and tell you about a very interesting league: The Welsh Premier Women’s League. Now, it’s known for many that the Welsh have an interesting league, but the league format is what makes it exciting.

The Welsh Premier Women’s League consists of eight teams: Swansea City, Cardiff Met, Cardiff City, Aberystwyth Town, Pontypridd Town, Barry Town United, Port Talbot Town, and The New Saints. Due to the limited number of teams, a regular season is over in just 14 games – too few in the mind of the organisers of the league. That’s why they have a play-off season.

At the end of the 14 games played, the league is divided into two parts: a championship group and a relegation group. The names do already tell you what they are all about. Four teams will battle against each other for the championship and four teams will battle against each other in order to establish who stays up, and who unfortunately has to go down.

Championship group

After 14 games played, the top four teams look as follows:

As you can see in the image above, Swansea City is undefeated until now. They have won 13 games and drawn one game, with no losses. The remarkable thing about them is that they have only conceded three goals so far. A similar impressive record can be seen with Cardiff Met. While they have lost two games, they have not drawn and won 12 games. Their goal difference is the same as Swansea City, but the Swans have had a more solid defence.

Cardiff City follow six points behind their city rivals with 30 points and Aberystwyth Town follow 10 points behind them. While a lot is possible in this group, the championship looks to be a fight between Swansea City and Cardiff Met.

Relegation group

After 14 games played, the bottom four teams look as follows:

When we look at the bottom of the table we see Pontypridd looking the best with 14 points, followed by Barry Town United with 9 points, as well as Port Talbot Town with 9 points. The worst performing team so far is The New Saints with 7 points.

Pontypridd looks like they have that little edge, with the gap between them and Barry Town/Port Talbot being 5 pints. Barry Town United, Port Talbot and The New Saints are looking to have a feisty relegation battle.

In the end

The winner of the league not only claims the title, but also qualifies for the UEFA Women’s Champions League for the next season. Next to winning the domestic title, that’s an exciting opportunity for the Welsh clubs to manifest themselves internationally.

The relegation used to be a bit more complicated, but it’s quite straightforward now. The team finishing 8th or 4th in the relegation group will be relegated into the second tier. The other three teams will stay in the Welsh Premier Women’s League for the next season.

It will be very interesting to follow the games at both sides of the table and we will keep you updated.

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