Alexia Putellas’ national team involvement upsets Barcelona

Alexia Putellas with Barcelona
Alexia Putellas in her last match with Barcelona. Photo @alexiaputellas

Spain national team manager Montse Tomé called up Alexia Putellas for the Nations League squad, despite Putellas not fully recovering from injury. Barcelona are angry about the call-up, as it is a risky move for the team’s captain.

Alexia just started training with her club this week, but only in some exercises. She is still in her recovery phase and the medical services didn’t give her approval to do intense exercises.

Since her ACL injury, Alexia has not played at her maximum level. The Catalan was in the World Cup, but she did not play many minutes. Having started the season in Barcelona, she noticed some pain in her ‘bad’ knee and stopped playing.

The two-time Golden Ball winner has not played in Liga F since November 14th. After some uncertain weeks, she underwent an arthroscopy knee surgery in December. Three months since then, her return is almost here, but it is too early to let her play yet.

Alexia Putellas’ version

According to Sport, Alexia told Barcelona she would go to the Final Four of the Nations League — where Spain needs a win to qualify for the Summer Olympics — if Tomé called her. Barça’s captain would have a medical scan to keep going with her personalised training sessions.

Tomé had reasons to call up Alexia. Spain missed the leader and player she is in the last camp. According to the staff, it is important to have her in that relevant match, as they could qualify for a competition they never played in, the Olympics.

Alexia’s reason for going with Spain is because Barça won’t have many players training — as most of them will be with their national team — and she needs to be training in a powerful group.

Barça’s version

There is no happiness in Barcelona about Alexia Putellas’ decision, as if she leaves for that period she would not be able to keep going with her recovery under Barça’s medical supervision.

FC Barcelona sent a report about her physical status. But Jonatan Giráldez said, after the Liga F match against Atlético de Madrid, that he was afraid of having the plans changed for her recovery.

“We started the Nations League with Alexia and Teresa Abelleira and we want to finish with them. We intend to take care of the players,” Tomé said in the press conference after announcing the squad.

The club understands that the player negotiated her return to the national team, and that is why they are upset. This matter could affect her contract, as both parties want to extend, but the conditions may vary.

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