Barcelona and Madrid Avoid Transfer Dilemma

The Audiencia Nacional has rejected the request to void the “Compensation List” from the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). A transfer dilemma that could weaken a player’s control over her future.

The Compensation List requires teams signing a player at the end of her contract to still pay a fee to the former club.

A club would have to supply up to €500,000 if the player they sign is younger than 23 years old.

It would only affect clubs who signed the CBA earlier this year. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Club will be exempt.

The decision would limit a player’s autonomy over their careers according to the Futbolistas ON union.

It also argued more players were likely to leave for other leagues. Therefore making the Spanish top tier less competitive.

This would only occur until the Collective Agreement is published in the BOE (the official state gazette).

It’s unclear what the eventual repercussions will be and how this will affect many young Spanish players.

This transfer dilemma means they might not have complete control over their short-term futures but it opens up more opportunities overseas.

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