FIFPRO express positive feedback towards ‘Raising our Game’ initiative

Member unions that make up FIFPRO in Europe have delivered their verdict on the first 12 months of an analysis into standards of women’s football throughout 12 countries. The ‘Raising our Game’ Europe (ROGE25) project involves the likes of Cyprus, Denmark, Scotland and nine other European nation FAs.

Experts from FIFPRO have and will continue to assess data regarding aspects including player safety, workload, wages and training environments. The report of the findings is reviewed and expected to be put to use in improving standards by those FAs.

The subjects reviewed in the reports are also kept fluid by the researchers. This is in order to hold the integrity of the finding and ensure any problem or exceptional findings are examined.

“As the indicators used in the cluster analysis report have the same weight, we wanted to hear feedback from our unions to determine whether some indicators should be added, removed or edited. Whether some indicators should have greater or lesser weight, and whether any of the 12 dimensions should have greater or lesser weight,”” stated Caitlin Fisher, a FIFPRO researcher on ROGE25.

The next steps

The next stage for ‘Raising our Game’ is to analyse the findings of these feedback reports. Then, the results can be curated into targeted areas of improvement. Resources will be provided in the form of workshops and funding.

Nicolas Delorme, an associate professor in sociology of sport at the University of Bordeaux who led the survey, confirmed the eventual support.

“The findings of the cluster analysis will help us to design specific toolkits to support more efficiently the unions according to their strengths and weaknesses.

“Not only is the function of ROGE25 to improve weaknesses but to highlight and promote positives within the various FAs’ work. They will also help us identify good practices that are already implemented in order to share them with all unions.”

The findings so far

According to the report, social protection, contracts and player education rank highest on the metrics throughout Europe. However, it’s worth mentioning that this does not mean those areas will not be targeted by investment and critical feedback.

There has already been areas of the report highlighted that will require ‘significant improvements’. Scotland, France and Greece have scored severely low on health and safety and freedom of association and collective bargaining. However, Italy and Sweden have ranked highly on most metrics.

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