Liv Cooke: Freestyle sensation talks ‘The Way to Win’ and giving back to football

The world of women’s football is continuously growing thanks to the work put in both on and off the pitch.

Clubs, pundits, fans, and personalities are all changing the game in their own ways. One figure who continues to stun the world with her success, while vying to give back to the community, is freestyling star and internet sensation Liv Cooke.

The former world champion and five-time world record holder spoke exclusively on the Her Football Hub Podcast about her astonishing achievements.

The intimate chat came just days after Cooke announced the release of her first book ‘The Way to Win’ – a 10-step guide of actionable points catered to help reach ultimate success. Cooke draws on her own experiences to provide an intricate detailing of how she achieved her dream.

“It’s a positive attitude and holistic approach to productivity and how someone can become their best self and live their dream,” she told Drew Diamond. “I basically define what winning is, how I won, how they can win, and the best parts of my journey.

“That winning formula is transferable. So they can apply it to anything – whether they want to be multi-millionaires, a school teacher, a sports star… anything. This winning formula can help them get there.”


LISTEN: Freestyler Liv Cooke talks world records and new book release 

Cooke started her journey with aspirations to play football on the biggest stages in the world. But a long-term back injury halted her dream of reaching the top on a football pitch.

After discovering the world of freestyle, Cooke took the plunge and stopped playing football completely to focus on her newfound passion.

At just 17, she embarked on her new adventure, taking up freestyle full-time in 2016. It took only a year for Cooke to reach her first milestone. She earned world football freestyle champion status – becoming the youngest competitor in history to scoop the honour.

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Five years on, Cooke is now one of the most recognised freestylers and online media presences in the world.

As a UEFA ambassador, BBC Sport presenter, and TikTok sensation as well, Cooke is now in a position to give back.

“Football is what made me who I am today,” she reflected. “It gave me stuff money can’t buy. The life skills are so much more important than winning a trophy or getting a pay cheque. I’m so grateful that grassroots football in particular gave me those skills and changed my life.

“I just feel that every kid, no matter the background, how much money they’ve got, no matter their current situation, should have access to the beautiful game.

“Unfortunately, a lot of these kids can’t because they can’t afford it. So I thought the only way to drive that price down is to increase the number of facilities. So I had this dream of building my own pitch to help the problem – I felt like I wanted to give back, I wanted that purpose.”

Cooke is currently in the midst of making her dream into a reality by providing grassroots football with more pitches and facilities to help grow the women’s game that made her who she is today.

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