Without a place to sleep in the Rayo Vallecano Club

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The players of Rayo Vallecano Femenino, a historic club of the Primera Iberdrola, denounced an inhuman situation. The players have highlighted the bad treatment they suffered from the club and its president.

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Two sandwiches and two apples

This was the food they received after finishing the match against Levante UD. President Martín Presa argued that the menu was suitable and that it had the approval of nutritionists. The players denied this claim with a statement they issued on their social networks. The Rayo Vallecano players explained that they had eaten a picnic in poor conditions.

They also put on the table another of the club’s shame as they explained that 50% of the coaching staff hadn’t received any payment. Also, 80% of the workforce received the minimum wage.

Patricia Larqué, goalkeeper of the team denounced the situation with her companions in a statement

Players with no place to sleep

Rayo Vallecano has a squad in which international players or those who come from another area of ​​Spain take on great importance. But, the club didn’t pay the players’ rent. A total of 16 players were on the street with all their things in their hands and without a place to rest.

Faced with this problem, the Association of Spanish Football Players filed a complaint against the club. Players weren’t even registered in the Spanish health system.

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More problems on the pitch

On Wednesday, September 29th, they played against Sporting Club de Huelva. The referee delayed the match due to complaints from the captains about poor field conditions. The game resumed when one of the workers filled in the gaps of the penalty spot with rubber.

In the same match, the players reported that they didn’t even have their medical staff attend to them. It was the physiotherapists of the rival club who had to do them the favour and take care of them.

But the Rayo players have had more trouble playing. Millene Cabral had to play in a lower category player’s jersey and Bulatovic scored a goal without the shield on the jersey.

An untenable and inhumane situation for the players who ask the president of their club for solutions but he makes no move. His last action was to paralyse the creation of the gym for the women’s section. He prefers to assign that money to the benefit of his men’s section.

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And now what?

The Rayo players made a protest stopping the game 30 seconds after the referee whistled the start. Their rivals, Real Madrid, respected them and joined them in this action demanding improvements.

In addition, the Rayo players issued a statement that they distributed through their social networks. In this statement, they list the lack of basic sports equipment, complete game kits for this season and a gym. But they also protest for the absence of medical services and the figure of a delegate, so necessary for the management of different daily aspects.

“Somos trabajadoras y con este comunicado lo único que pretendemos es defender a nuestro club compitiendo en unas condiciones laborales adecuadas”


In the quote players say: “We are workers and with this statement the only thing we intend is to defend our club by competing in adequate working conditions”

In the statement released by the AFE, they also tell that they don’t have access to the club’s parking lot, to which their mates from the men’s first team can enter. They want good management of the trips and trips with the club, too.

In the field of football, Rayo players are ranked number 15 in the classification of Primera Iberdrola. This is one of the two positions that teams will be relegated to the second division at the end of the season. With only four points out of 27 possible, they have managed to score five goals in nine games and have scored 20 goals so far this season. As we can see, not only they are working in terrible and inhumane conditions, but all this situation affects them on a personal and professional level as it’s shown in the results.

Players protest for 30 seconds of the match

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