Opinion: Chloe Arthur Impresses with Continued Graft for Villa

VIVI Images/Gerrit van Keulen IV

The Women’s Super League continues to grow with every passing season. With more high profile players coming to the league, it’s impossible to keep women’s football under wraps. Records are being broken, young players are making a name for themselves and new teams are pushing for titles.

I’m one of the relatively new fans to the WSL, having become engrossed in women’s football over the last two to three years. Overall, it’s something of a breath of fresh air to what I had become accustomed to.

Throughout the season, players and managers willingly engage with fans. People within the media are also welcoming and helpful. And, above all, there are no major cliques that make it difficult or uncomfortable to express yourself in fear of being judged.

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This translates to the players and how comfortable they are talking about their life on the pitch and willingness to put their life online.

This got me thinking about what makes someone gravitate towards liking a player and what makes people have differing opinions. So, I compiled this list of players who I feel have stood out the most.

As an unbiased supporter with no specific allegiance, I’ve selected one player per club who have impressed as of late.

A lot of the players on this list have made it because of what they do for others off the pitch. After all, that is bigger than anything a player can do on the pitch.

Aston Villa – Chloe Arthur

Villa are one of the teams I haven’t seen much of compared to other teams in the WSL. However, Chloe Arthur stands out as a great professional and person. She’s a player who is willing to sacrifice her own personal gain for the good of the team.

A hard-working midfielder who is the perfect player of what fans ask for, Arthur is a prime example of someone who gives their all for the badge. She has made 15 of her 25 attempted tackles as well as winning 54.5% of her aerial duels.

Chloe Kelly (Man City) and Chloe Arthur (Aston Villa) in action | Copyright: Barrington Coombs

Arthur is an old school player who enjoys doing the dirty work. Her side’s attack is able to flourish in the final third knowing they have coverage behind them.

Villa have struggled in the WSL this season giving Arthur ample opportunities to show what she’s all about. Her defensive awareness and ability has been one of Villa’s bright sparks amidst a season of constant defeats and beatings.

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