Wirral Phoenix: Liverpool to welcome new women’s team

A new women’s football team is coming to Liverpool at the start of next season.

Former Chester first-team coach, Adam Wood, is in the process of establishing Wirral Phoenix in Merseyside.

The team will join the Cheshire Women’s and Youth League this June.

Woods has been coaching women’s football for the past five years and said his love for the women’s game has continued to grow with every role.

“My experiences have led me to start my own club,” Wood said. “That was my vision behind it. Taking all the knowledge and experience I’ve learned, I wanted to have a full overview of the team.

“I wanted to have the day-to-day ins and outs, and I have discovered it is very important to get the right business relationships behind it from the start.

“I wanted to come in and be independent, making sure we made the right decisions from the start and take it forward from there.”

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The decision to set up his own club wasn’t an easy one for Wood after a number of successes as a manager.

“I think it was a personal decision for myself,” he said. “I had a personal reflection on everything and had two paths. You can either look to go to
established clubs and build it or you could go the other side of it, which I was very keen to do.

Wirral Phoenix are currently in the recruitment process and Wood has expressed the importance of getting the right people involved.

He said: “The right people are people who have a real love for the game to take the women’s side to the next level. People who are constantly looking to improve it.”

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Wirral Phoenix aim to pitch themselves differently from other teams by being “for the players.”

“Obviously recruitment is a massive thing, and it is getting a good balance because you don’t want too many players … but you want to be able to field a competitive team for every game.”

The new women’s football team in Liverpool will begin their pre-season in June. They’ll operate from Pensby High School for both training and matches.

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