Opinion: Infantino Women’s World Cup Plan Destined to Fail


Gianni Infantino’s Women’s World Cup plan is doomed to fail and would be detrimental to the sport.

The current FIFA president believes the competition should be held every two years instead of four, following the success of women’s football in recent years.

It is well known that last year’s WWC gathered a lot of viewers in front of their TVs. More than half a billion people watched the tournament in total.

260million of them witnessed the USA lifting their fourth trophy following their victory against the Netherlands.

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But the idea that the World Cup should be held every two years purely because of an audience increase is ludicrous.

“Last year we saw the most beautiful Women’s World Cup in history,” Infantino told the annual FIFA congress, which was held remotely due to the pandemic.

“Technically and tactically, it was a feast for the eyes,” he added.

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Nevertheless, Infantino strongly recommended that the women’s World Cup should not follow or copy the men’s World Cup.

“We want something specific for the women’s game. We need to think about different suggestions,” he said.

More than $1billion has been pledged in funding for the women’s game until 2022.

According to Infantino, this number has remained unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic as FIFA thrives financially.

In the end, what really matters is how you make use of that money to benefit the game.

Here are three reasons why Infantino’s idea is wrong for the game:

Depreciates the Sport’s Cherished Trademark

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If the World Cup occurs every two years, the number of FAs willing to invest in the game will be cut down in half.

Tournaments like Copa America, Africa Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup will not be able to maintain the same level of prestige.

As a result, the European Championships and the Olympics would have to be rearranged.

World-class players are going to dismiss it – and in the end, viewership and ticket sales will skydive. Not to mention TV rights and sponsorships.

FIFA Should Exploit Their Financial Health

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Holding the World Cup every two years is not securing the growth or the improvement of the game at all.

Despite popular belief, it’s highly likely to bring more doubt and put it in a more risky state. All this money could be better used to enhance the game and maybe encourage more and more women to get involved with it.

Improve Domestic Championships

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At the end of the day, here is why Infantino’s Women’s World Cup plan is doomed to fail.

Men’s domestic championships provide a large collection of new players to the national teams. If it was not for domestic football to reach those levels then the men’s World Cups could never be so exciting.

Talent flows everywhere. Women’s domestic leagues are flourishing with new, young players.

Only a few big clubs have taken the women’s game seriously and make steady steps into improving it year by year.

If FIFA siphons off funds towards that direction, WWC will improve and blossom.

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