USWNT denied equal pay due to biological differences

The war for equality in sports continues after the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) were told they do not receive equal pay because of biological differences according to BuzzFeed News.

On Monday, a court filing by a USWNT lawyer argued women athletes were less skilled and worked less demanding jobs. Therefore, they do not deserve the same pay structure as the men’s team.

Ironically, the purpose of the submission was to prove US Soccer had not discriminated against the World Cup champions based on their gender.

The filing is just one of many justifications US Soccer are using in their attempt to win the lawsuit over equal pay, and force women to accept mediocre salaries. Even though they are the more successful of the United States’ two international football teams.

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The document came on the back of an open letter by US Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro on March 7. He claimed there had been ongoing talks to resolve the issue but the USWNT rejected his equal pay proposal. 

Cordeiro’s letter was published on the eve of the USWNT’s matchup against Spain in the SheBelieves Cup. A tournament organized to promote women athletes as heroes.

USWNT spokesperson, Molly Levinson, swiftly denied the accusation. “The USSF letter is riddled with falsehoods and issued on the eve of the SheBelieves game, which demonstrates that it is more important to USSF to diminish the women’s team than it is to support them on the field,” she said. “USSF did not and has never offered equal pay to the women players.”

The Time is Now

The USWNT have a unique part to play for professional women athletes across all sports. As perennial winners in their field, they are one of the most successful and popular teams.

The shocking and archaic views of US Soccer are also not exclusive to football.

In a landmark victory for women’s sport, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) agreed to a new eight-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on January 14, which included a 53% increase in total cash compensation.

The CBA has become a huge success story, influenced in part by the USWNT’s World Cup heroics.

It’s now time for other athletes, including their professional male counterparts, to join the fight for equality.

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